ANASAYFA Hakkımızda

"Abroad — as houses" — the motto of the conservative and at the same time courageous holiday-makers choosing for rest such acquaintance  such product, modern in the tourist market, as rent of country houses in the resort. Shortly it is possible to describe impressions of a foreign voyage on a house harmony so: a habitual cosiness, other picture outside the window (with all implied pleasant details — whisper of the sea or sighs of the summer wood, mountain silence or the round-the-clock buzz of heart of a resort).

Rent of a living space abroad for the holiday period is an opportunity to keep habitual lifestyle, say, food porridges on a water bath, walks with the favourite pet or autographic ironing of favourite trousers, in combination with a research of foreign interesnost, culture and sights. 

Our company possesses 17 luxury country houses located in so-called "non Turkish Antalya" namely in the town of KALKAN. All 17 country houses are constructed in 2017-2018 and put in operation. all country houses 2-storey are also constructed of a glued bar on the German technology. In all country houses the individual pool, a zone a barbecue and the certain secured parking, to the sea of 1000 meters. Country houses are equipped with safes, modern kitchen and household appliances. In the territory there is a laundry and restaurant of club type. we thank the ECOVİLLAKALKAN group for attention.